We offer a Junior Suite with a separate entrance of about 40 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Both have the local red stone floor tiling, wooden beams, internet connection and air con.
The first room is a double (with the choice of having a double bed) with views onto the valley.

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The second is a large, bright single room, which can be used as a living room and where, in addition to a single bed, breakfast is also provided.
It is possible to add a bed, or a baby cot, to one of the two rooms.

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The toilet, communal for both rooms, has a shower-sauna and hairdrier.

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The breakfast room is also equipped for self catering. It is equipped with a microwave, a fridge, a kettle, a coffee maker and kitchenware. If you want you can have breakfast on the balcony of the room.

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